Mobile Phones Cause Cancer?

2 years ago

Cell phones’ electromagnetic radiation is said to cause brain cancer. Is it true? People are concerned about the fact that high levels of microwave radiation pose harmful hidden dangers and realize they demand protection that will ensure their safety and help them keep in a healthy and good condition. Although there are many shields available on the market the don’t protect them against radiation from towers, antenna or masts. So what can we do to prevent ourselves from emission that kills our brain cells?

Mobile phones radiation

Mobile phones are used worldwide these days, the invention of pocket sized mobile phones startled the implementation of mobile phones into our daily lives. As far as I’m concerned, there are people who have a kind of emotional attitude to their mobiles, they would rather die than not use mobile at all. To make things worse, there are scant numbers of people who can imagine life without mobile phones and being in touch with their family or friends 24/7. Since mobile phones depend greatly on radiation there is a concern if they have any harmful effect on people’s health. The industry tries to con the public and make them believe in lack of any negative effect of mobile phone industry as it brings billions of dollars every year.

So far, numerous studies and tests have been conducted to check whether mobiles are harmful or not. The controversy and debates over the effects of usage mobile phones and their possibility to cause brain tumors are of special interest of scientists, communication workers and ordinary people. The reason for such an interest is that cell phones belong to the group of products that emit electromagnetic radiation e.g microwave oven, electric clocks, computers or other appliances. This is non ionizing radiation which is claimed not to cause any damages to the cells. Ionizing radiation e.g. x-rays damages DNA of the cells, results in mutations and birth defects.

According to some researchers using a mobile phone has no direct effect on getting malignant brain tumors. The harmful effect of mobile phone is achieved through their thermal effect. This type of radiation causes dielectric heating which heats up living tissue – your one part of the head will be warm. This could be called microwave radiation – according to The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry this radiation interferes with DNA and destroys its repair mechanisms. Apart from that microwave radiation make cells age rapidly or cancerous cells grow quicker, as Italian scientists demonstrated.

Brain damages

Even tiny, minimal doses of radio frequency accumulate and lead to harmful effects and damage the brain cells. Although it is the antenna which is said to emit the biggest amount of radiation the mouthpiece and keypad also leak radiation, penetrates the brain, ear and eye tissues. According to other researchers mobile phones’ side effects include:

– nerves in the scalp are damaged

– blood cells leak hemoglobin

– headaches, fatigue

– loss of memory,

– the strange ringing in the ear, sense of smell is impaired

– retina may be damaged, eyes can get cancer

– the amount of white blood cells is reduced

– digestive problems may appear, bad levels of cholesterol are risen

– the barrier to viruses and toxins is open

– asthma is triggered

– the endocrine system stops working properly

– skin rash and burning sensation of skin is evoked

University of Utah researchers claim that this radiation is especially harmful for children: it may cause mood changes, learning problems. Also human embryos can be damaged so pregnant women are advised to keep away from mobile phones. What might be shocking for some people, using mobile phones is even more harmful within the car or any metallic cage. That is due to the fact that the cell phone has to increase its field and intensify the radiation, extremely high electromagnetic field is generated then. The drivers reaction time is longer and less effective due to the damages of the brain. One hour long exposure to mobile phone radiation makes brain cells shrink.

Nevertheless, cell phone companies spend million of dollars on advertising and nothing is said about dangers and threats. The huge amounts of radiation cannot be ignored, especially that their emission is so vast and we are surrounded by huge levels of radiation every day. There’s literally nothing that protects us from RF energy. No one dares to fight against cell phone companies, that would be risky, they are simply the same as tobacco companies several years ago.

What should we do?

1. Use the external antenna in the car.

Most mobile phones have an attachment to the external antenna, all energy can be kept outside the vehicle.

2. Use hands-free device

Each place to keep your mobile is better than sticking it to the ear.

3. Use voice recognition

Instead of touching the mobile you can say what number you want to dial.

4. Use digital phones

Analog phones use about 1.3 Watts which twice as much as in digital phones (0.6W)

5. Make your conversations shorter

Cut it as short as possible

The correlation of mobile phone using and brain cancer has yet to be discovered because the brain tumors and cancers take years to develop. That makes them almost impossible to study the long-term effects of microwave radiation exposure. As non-ionizing radiation has got heating effects it surely has the greatest effect on the eyes and testes, there’s lower amount of blood vessel that cool these areas. The thing which people should keep their distance from is the antenna. Hand-held mobile phones are dangerous because they deliver the radiation energy to the small fragment of person’s body.

Who is at risk?

People who are most likely to suffer from the effects of mobile phones overuse. These include: telecommunication workers who install, test, maintain the equipment, laboratory workers, military radar workers, electrical workers, amateur radio operators.

Although some scientist claim that cell phone radiation hasn’t got detrimental effect on health they are also unsure that they are completely safe. One must remember that cell phones are quite new, even though they haven’t caused cancers so far the time may prove they actually do.

There are still problems with finding any credible source that claims that cell phones are dangerous. Since news media are not reliable resources of knowledge as they are searching for scandals to attract public attention. Therefore, we still have to wait a while to receive any credible results.


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